Portrait photographer Robert Green focuses on capturing individuals from the music and fashion industries creatively, artisticly shooting the majority of his work on 35mm film.


Hi I'm Robert. As a passionate creative my whole life, I taught myself photography from a very young age using a trusty phone camera and my Mother's family camera. 15 years later, I now live in London, the city I love and work in the field that I'm dedicated to.

I eventually purchased a trusty Canon 600D DSLR camera back in 2012. This may have been my best investment to date. It opened my eyes to the true potential of photography and expanded what I was able to achieve while shooting. This camera kick started my journey to London and this career.


Last year I discovered a new love - film photography (35mm, medium format, polaroid - you name it). I soon developed my skills and knowledge of the formats using my Mother's original family point and shoot and soon after bought my own Canon A1 SLR camera to further develop my work.


I now specialise in portraiture and that's what you'll see at the forefront of my portfolio. My love is capturing people and creating pieces of art with them. I shoot most of my work on film and apply digital when it is a better fit for the project.

I do take bookings for all areas of photography work, so please let me know if you have something in mind.


My job as a photographer is an amazing privilege and I value what I do and what I give to my clients.

Whatever the project, I always bring the same passion and dedication to every one, it's my priority always to make you happy with the end product.


If you require a great portrait set for business or pleasure – are an emerging artist or brand and need promotional material - need an editorial piece curated – or even would like to gift a photoshoot, I would love to have a chat




Let's connect! I respond within 24hrs